Procusini Club

You receive access to our exclusive Procusini Club with the purchase of a Procusini Pro 3D Food Printing System.

There you will find several applications, with which you can create your own creative print objects without any prior knowledge. Short videos and tips and tricks make the beginning a piece of cake.

Here you get to the exclusive Procusini Club:  log in

Unique range of applications:


Personal handwriting and freehand drawing

Give free reign to your creativity or trace the outlines of a picture in the background.



Exclusive small batch series

Allows you to decorate a large number of plates – with objects suitable to the occasion.




Stage the logo of your customer in a
very special way.




Text messages

Create personal text messages in a variety of fonts and sizes.



Template library

Use tested and popular 3D objects,
hollow forms, letters and numbers.



3D objects

The object desired by your customer to enjoy.