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3D Food Printer
procusini® 5.0

NEW: With its integrated display, the Procusini® 5.0 sets a new standard for easy operation. This is our answer to the time pressure in the professional kitchen and the associated need for simple operation. Only choose food and desired object and start – the rest is done from now on by Procusini®. 

Success Guarantee
Procusini® Easy to use

Ready to go: From the unpacking of your Procusini® until the production of your first object you need less than 15 minutes-without any prior knowledge.

Ready to go in 15 minutes

– Unfold

– Insert Procusini® refill

– Close

– Let’s go!


No cleaning necessary, since the foods in the Procusini® refill do not come into direct contact with Procusini® . The cartridge, stainless steel masher and stainless steel tip are even suitable to be cleaned in the dishwasher of needed.

"I am always available to answer any questions you may have about technical ser-vice. A supply of service parts is also guaranteed worldwide. "

Johannes Heringlehner,

productspecialist, print2taste

3D Food Printing
Success Guarantee
Procusini® 5.0
Technical details

Details that make the difference. Read more about the technical details of the device, dimensions, temperatures and connectivity.

Simple operation via a integrated 3,5 inch display.


Manual calibration not required.


Production area of 25 x 15 cm. Production height depending on the food, up to 10cm. By dividing, objects of any size can be produced.


Simple and fast data transfer from Procusini® Club to Procusini® via sd card.

Power supply connection

12 V. Operation with external power supply unit (included in scope of delivery). No heavy current required!

Energy consumption

Low energy consupmtion of <60 W in normal operation.

Easy cleaning

Cartridge holder removable without tools.

External dimensions

Compact dimensions during operation: 60 x 60 x 65 cm (L x H x W).


Heated cartridge holder with optimal temperature control, adjusted to Procusini food refills.

Cartridge heatable up to 60 °C.


Easy change of location due to transport handle and low weight of 9 kg.

Flexible production base

For easy removal of printed objects.

Stainless steel cartridge

Ideal heat transfer, heatable up to 60 °C, with different diameters

"Already after a very short time the Procusini® is paying off. And the attention has risen enormously."

Charly und Max Eisenrieder,

Münchner Freiheit, café and catering

3D Food Printing

3D Food Printing - Experience Innovation

Procusini® 3d food printing

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3D Food Printing
Success Guarantee
Procusini® 5.0 How it works?

"My wish was that you can get to your desired result with just a few clicks without programming."

Marcel ingrassia,

Softwareengineer, print2taste

3D Food Printing
3D Food Printing
Success Guarantee
Procusini® Club

With the purchase of a Procusini® 3D Food Printing System you get access to the exclusive Procusini® Club. 

In the Procusini® Club you will find everything you need to easily create your personal 3D objects. Live your creativity – with numerous applications such as text messages, logos or over 1.000 objects from the Procusini® template library.

Short videos, tips & tricks make it easy to start. With just a few clicks you can reach your destination.

for example: create text messages

  1. Write a text message
  2. Choose size and fond
  3. Determine the desired 3D effect by the number of layers
  4. Let’s go!

Do you have any questions about 3D food printing?

Have a look at the FAQs or contact us directly.

We are also happy to help you optimize your results and support you with upcoming events. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Do you have any Questions?

Have a look at the FAQs or contact us directly.

We are also happy to help you optimize your results and support you with upcoming events. We are looking forwars to hear from you.

Computer, Laptop or Tablet WLAN - capable

Conventional socket (240 V)

Dimensions Procusini® :

Dimensions floor space Procusini® :

Power connection: 240 V Socket (12 V Betrieb)

Country-specific plugs are included, special sockets on request.

Yes, select Procusini®  Club setting between Dual-Dual or Dual-Mono. (Do not use 2nd head, unscrew syringe and do not insert food cartridges).

Yes, regular updates (free?) available through Procusini® Club.

When working with fresh food (Pasta, own food) we recommend to clean the cartridge and the stamp daily,  for insensitive food (Marzipan, Choco, Fondant) one cleaning is sufficient when changing the cartridge.

Find your nearest dealer here and request a non-binding offer!

Request an offer directly for the Procusini® 3D Food Printing System. The included starter set including a selection of all foods ensures an immediate start. In less than 15 minutes from unpacking to the first print object.

To the dealer selection!

Procusini® 3D food

Choose from our growing portfolio of specially optimized and proven Procusini® food or use the Procusini® 3D recipe collection to work with your own food.

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