3D Food Printer Procusini 3.0

Guaranteed success

The all-rounder Procusini 3.0, the Procusini food refills and the numerous applications in the Procusini Club form an ideally matched overall system.

Procusini food

Procusini 3.0

Procusini Club with numerous applications

Choose from our constantly growing portfolio of specially optimized Procusini foods in practical refills and guaranteed success or  experiment with your own foods. With the all-rounder, you can bring a variety of food into shape. With every application you get to the goal with just a few clicks – without any programming.

Procusini 3.0 – Easy to operate

Ready to go: From the unpacking of your Procusin to the production of your first object you need less than 15 minutes – without any prior knowledge.

– Open the cover

– Insert the Procusini refill

– Close

– Let‘s go!


No cleaning necessary, since the foods in the Procusini refill do not come into direct contact with Procusini. The cartridge, stainless steel plunger and stainless steel tip are even suitable for dishwasher cleaning if needed.

Easy operation with a computer, laptop or tablet via WLAN.

Details that make the difference

Mobile – simple change of
application site by:
• transport handle
• low weight (9 kg)

Procusini Club

You receive access to our exclusive Procusini Club with the purchase of a Procusini 3D Food Printing System.

There you will find several applications, with which you can create your own creative print objects without any prior knowledge. Short videos and tips and tricks make the beginning a piece of cake:


Personal handwriting and freehand drawing





Exclusive small batch series










Text messages





Template library





3D objects