Further Applications

Here you get an overview over several further applications, which you can easily implement with the 3D Food Printing System Procusini® Pro:

Freehand drawing

Enable your customer to convert his personal handwriting or drawing into marzipan or chocolate.

Cakes, gingerbread and a lot more become a personal and individual present that way.

Tracing photos

Just display the desired photo in the background and trace it.

Text input

Realise texts, dedications, acknowledgements and messages of love in chocolate or marzipan – a surprising and delicious change from the written card.

Template library

Chose ad libitum tried and turning out well 3D objects, hollow forms, letters and numbers from our template library, which we constantly expand for you.

All those applications are available for you as owner of a Procusini® Pro in Procusini® Pro Club. Allow your creativity full bent.

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