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3D printed food - designed with Procusini® Club

Live out your creativity – with numerous applications, for 3D printed food, such as small series, text messages, logos or over 1,000 objects from the template library.

With the purchase of a Procusini® 3D Food Printing System you get access to the exclusive Procusini® Club.

There you will find all applications with which you can create individual objects without previous knowledge. Short videos as well as tips & tricks make the introduction a breeze, without any programming.

Regular free updates allow you to benefit from the further development of the Procusini® Club even after your purchase.


3d printed food design - The VAriety of possibilities
3d printed food

Access over 1.000 proven 3D food objects, hollow moulds, letters, numbers, and more in the Procusini® template library.

There you will find objects for occasions such as “Christmas”, “Easter”, “Valentine’s Day” and “Halloween”, as well as various themes such as “Games”, “Love”, “Animals”, “Countries & Cities”, “Skyline” or “Sports”. We are constantly expanding the template library for you.

3d printed food

The desired object of your customer to enjoy: Simply upload a file (in “STL” format). Select food and the Procusini® Club automatically creates the file for your desired food.

There are several ways to get a 3D file (in “STL” format). Many customers and large companies already have 3D files of their products and can make them available.

Furthermore, you will find large online databases with numerous free 3D files on various topics (same file type as for plastic printing, e.g.

Of course, you can also draw your STL files yourself. Simple programs like and the 3D Builder from Microsoft make it possible. It’s worth trying.


3d printed food

Create personal 3D printed food text messages with 3D effect in different fonts and sizes.

The special thing about the Procusini® fonts is that the individual letters are connected to each other.

No more letter salad and no more annoying setting of single letters. Take your coherent text message in one piece from the production area and place it directly on the dessert plate, cake or tarts. If you need larger quantities, you can also pre-produce them during the Mise en Place.

3D printed Food

Let your creativity run wild or hide a photo and trace the contours.

Use the mouse to draw the picture you want on your screen. The number of layers determines the 3D effect.

Or load an image into the background for help and draw the contours you want to produce with the Procusini®​.

3d printed food

Enables the production of a larger number of objects e.g. for an event with 150 guests.

Simply select your desired object as usual and scale it as usual. With one click, the objects are multiplied until the production area is completely filled. Quite simple and efficient!

Now press “Start” and the Procusini® will produce a large number of 3D food objects one after the other. Completely unattended!

personalized food gifts

Put your logo of the customizer in the spotlight! Simply upload in the file format “JPEG” and we will do the rest for you.

The file is automatically sent to our application specialists.

3D printed food Logos are often very complex, which is why we convert them manually for you. You will receive the logo by e-mail as a printable file.

3D Food

The expert-apps allow you to work with your own 3D printed food. Here you can, for example, adjust temperature, speed and layer height to your recipe.

In addition you can adapt the shape of the objects directly to your requirements. For example, reduce the speed if you have very steep transitions in order to increase the certainty of success. Or change the fill quantity to make an object more stable or to produce it as a hollow mould.

3D Food Printer

In your personal area you will find numerous tips how to reach your goal quickly and easily.

In the Procusini® tutorials all functions are explained step by step.

3d printed food

Hollow molds can be found in our template library or can be created by yourself with the Procusini® Club.
After the production you can fill the 3D printed food molds with your favorite fillings and give desert the final touch.


How It Works
3D printed Food - designed with Procusini® Club

Within your personal Procusini® Club Area you can create your own Objects. Here is an example of our font editor for related fonts. The produced fonts can be lifted off the production mat one by one and placed on a dessert or cake.


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Do you have any more questions?

Have a look at the FAQs or contact us directly.

We are also happy to help you optimize your results and support you with upcoming events. We look forward to your inquiry.

Do you still have any questions?

Have a look at the FAQs or contact us directly.

We are also happy to help you optimize your results and support you with upcoming events. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Procusini® Club, your personal platform for 3D food printing, opens the world to 3D food printing, create your own objects, template library.

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