3D Food Printing – the system

We offer you a complete package of perfectly compatible components in order to achieve first-class results: Procusini® Pro 2.0 intuitive user interface and Procusini® Refills – a portfolio of specifically developed food items. Beyond that, you receive access to various applications in Procusini® Club as Procusini® Pro owner.

Procusini® Pro 2.0

Procusini® Pro 2.0 is ready to go in a few minutes and, after a few clicks on its intuitive user interface, already produces creative objects out of marzipan or chocolate. The handling is made from a WLAN capable computer or tablet. There is no need for additional software.


Food items

Consistently remaining perfect characteristics are decisive for optimal results. Procusini® Refills meet these requirements in the best way.


Procusini® Marzipan

  • In 5 colours: nature, green, yellow, white and red.
    • Challenge: high flowability for precise layer formation with stability at the same time
  • Benefit from 14 months of developmental work.


Profit from 14 months of development work.

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Procusini® Choco

  • Makes filigree structures possible.
  • Allows complex shapes for example with undercuts.
  • With a subtle hint of vanilla.
  • Challenge: the ideal blending of the single layers during the modelling process

Discover a new creative world of Choco!

Here our video about Choco:

3D Scan-System

The 3D scan system is additionally required for the creation of 3D scans, e.g. for the applications “busts” and “bridal couple”. This is put on with a simple click on a customary Apple Ipad Air 2. The associated software app is foolproof and included in the scope of supply of the 3D scan system as well as a Procusini® Scan-Card so that you are directly ready to go

Here you can see how easy 3D scanning and modulating with the Procusini® Pro and the scan system works:


Procusini® Scan Card

The Procusini® Scan Card is required for post-processing of your scan and conversion into a print file. The Procusini® Scan Card corresponds to a credit card for scan post-processing and contains 10 scan points. 1 scan-point is removed for a 3D Selfie, a scan-point per person is removed from the credit for a family 3D Portrait. Couple Bust and Bridal Couple require 2 scan-points.

The transaction is fairly simple for you – totally without any IT-skills or onerous programming. You buy a Procusini® Scan Card in advance, we do the rest. You receive the print file from us via mail as soon as the post-processing is finished and you can already start with the production of a 3D Selfie or a bridal couple.

Procusini® Club

You receive access to our exclusive Procusini® Club with the purchase of a Procusini® Pro 3D Food Printing System.

There you will find several applications, with which you can create your own creative print objects without any prior knowledge. Short videos and tips and tricks make the beginning a piece of cake.