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PROCUSINI® Online seminar
PROCUSINI® Online seminar

NEW - Diverse varieties of Procusini® 3D Choco Dark

Procusini® 3D Choco Dark Coconut

Procusini® 3D Choco Dark Raspberry

Procusini® 3D Choco Dark Orange


3D Food Printer for professionals

3D Food Printer Procusini® is an universal plug & play solution for individual and creative food design in every commercial kitchen.

who works with the Procusini® 3D food printer?

With the 3D Food Printer Procusini®, Hotel, Catering and Event catering as well as Bakery and Confectionary shops will enrich your creations in a completely new way. For example with text messages, logos and 3D objects.

What foods can I use with the 3D food printer?

You always have the chose from salty to sweet foods. Use your own food or rely on the Procusini® 3D refills (currently: 3D choco dark, 3D pasta, 3D marzipan, 3D fondant). What you should consider for your
own food can be found in our 3D recipe collection.

Which shapes can I create with the 3D food printer?

You can easily create your own 3D templates in the Procusini® Club. Or you can access our template library with over thousand 3D objects. You can enrich your entire menu sequences in a new way with the motto of your event, your own logo or a creative 3D object.

3D Food Printer
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3D Food Printer

Choose from our ongrowing portfolio of specially optimized and highly successful Procusini® foods in practical refills, or access the recipe collection of our experts and work with your own food.

Our current portfolio for the 3D Food Printer Procusini®:

3D Food Printing System Procusini für Profis aus Gastronomie, Hotel, Catering, Bäckerei und Konditorei

Ready to go: From unpacking your Procusini® 3D Food Printer to the production of your first object, you need less than 15 minutes.

3D Food Printing

Live your own creativity and design your won 3D objects in the Procusini® Club applications without any prior knowledge: 

    • Production of small series
    • Text messages with 3D effect
    • Own 3D objects, simply upload in “STL”-format
    • Logos, upload in “JPEG”-format
    • Template library with 1.000 templates
    • Freehand drawing and contour tracing
    • Expert mode for working with your own foods
    • Tipps, Tricks & Video-Tutorials
    •  Updates for free
3D Food Printer

Worldwide customers appreciate our service and the support of our specialists. We’re happy to help. Contact us and together we will find the ideal application for you.



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3D Food Printer

Experience the 3D Food Printer Procusini® live and inform yourself about our offers. Choose the right product for you:

    • Fairs
    • On-site training
    • Webinars
3D Food Printer

You are enthusiastic about the many possibilities of 3D food printing, but don’t want to buy a Procusini® yet? No problem, we produce for you! Choose the right service for you from our wide range:

    • Live Experience,Events
    • Give-Aways
    • 3D Food Elements

3D Food Printer

Find your nearest dealer here and receive a non-binding offer

Request an offer for the Procusini 3D Food Printing System directly. The starter set includes a selection of all foods. This ensures an immediate start in less than 15 minutes from unpacking to the first print object.

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You get an ideally matched overall system of hardware, software and the Procusini® food refills with guaranteed success. Of course, you can also work with your own food. Read more about the 3D Food Printing System Procusini®> HERE <

For the Procusini® 3D food refills as an ideal supplement to the 3D Food Printer Procusini® we give a guarantee of success. Learn more about Procusini® 3D refills

> HERE <

The Procusini® Club is the platform for creating your own 3D templates. No programming required. Read more about different applications and take a look at the template library right now  > HERE <

"The good thing about the Procusini® is that I do not have to be there the whole time. It is operating on its own."

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3D Food

Discover the numerous possibilities of the Procusini® 3D Food Printer. Whether plug & play with the Procusini® 3D food refills or your own recipes. Put food under a new light. Click on the pictures to get to the gallery.

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Procusini® 3d food printer

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3D Food Printer
3D Food Printer
3D Food Printer

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