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3D Food Printer Procusini® in Catering & Gastronomy

To you, as professional in catering and event gastronomy, the 3D food printer Procusini® 3.0 opens up exciting opportunities to individually and creatively shape food items.

The greeting from the kitchen, the side dishes for the main course and the fine dessert – With text messages, logos and 3D objects, the professional can enrich whole menus on events in a completely new way or can set nice accents when decorating the buffet.

Red Procusini Pasta-Lobster as greeting from the kitchen


The number of objects desired for an event can be easily produced thanks to the production area being twice as large as the one of the predecessor model: On this 25 x 15 cm work surface e.g. more than 80 filigree Choco-objects can be produced in series in only one working step. Moreover, correspondingly large logos can be modeled and put impressively on display.

You want to experience the diverse possibilities of our 3D food printer? Then sign in for one of our seminars or visit us at a fair.

“Already after a very short time
the Procusini® is paying off. And
the attention has risen

Charly und Max Eisenrieder, Münchner Freiheit, Café und Catering

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